Itḥāf al-sadāh al-muttaqīn

Ghazalian Texts: Itḥāf al-sadāh al-muttaqīn


(sharḥ) of al-Iḥyāʾ exists by Murtaḍa al-Zabīdī’s [d.1791] Itḥāf al-sadāh al-muttaqīn bi sharḥ iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn. published by al-maṭbaʿ al-maymanya, near al-Azhar by the scholar and publisher: Aḥmad al-bābī al-Ḥalabī [Cairo]: 1311/1894 in 10 large volumes. According to author this book took 11 years to complete (10:572) on Sunday 5th of Jumada II, 1201 in his home in Cairo. The proofs of the printed edition was corrected by by Muhammad al-Zahari al-Ghamraui. (10:573).

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Volume 1  (476 pp., 25 megabytes) 

Volume 2  (432 pp., 21 megabytes) available in MS word

Volume 3  (488 pp., 23 megabytes) available in MS word

Volume 4  (560 pp., 27 megabytes) 

Volume 5  (520 pp., 27 megabytes) available in MS word

Volume 6  (576 pp., 30 megabytes) available in MS word

Volume 7  (584 pp., 33 megabytes) 

Volume 8  (636 pp., 36 megabytes) available in MS word

Volume 9  (700 pp., 39 megabytes) 

Volume 10 (575 pp., 33 megabytes) 

Index to Itḥāf al-sadāh was published by the Beirut reprinter dar Iḥyā al-turath al-ʿArabī in 1995 in 3 volumes that were prepared by Riyāḍ ʿAbdullāh Abd al-hadī. ( Thanks to Khuram Hassan for altering me to this book on 4 November 2016. 

 volume 1 (23.7 megabytes)

 volume 2 (26.3 megabytes)

 volume 3 (25.6 megabytes)

Also available: al-Mughni ʿan ḥaml al-asfār fī al-asfār fī takhrīj mā fī al-iḥyāʾ min al-akhbār of al-Ḥafiz al-ʿIrāqī (d. 806/1404). This book is usually printed on the margins of the Iḥyāʾ but it is here printed in a book on its own with a complete index (very useful as it solves all of al-ʿIrāqī’s cross references):

 3 in 1 volume (1279 pp., 14 megabytes) 
Index (343 pp., 4 megabytes)

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