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List of Articles and books on al-Ghazali's politics:

  • Laoust, H., La politique de Ghazali, Paris, 1970. (pdf) (Book!)

  • Binder, L., “Al-Ghazzali’s Theory of Islamic Government”, Muslim World, 45, 1955, pp. 229-241. (pdf)

  • Hillenbrand, Carole, "Islamic Orthodoxy or Realpolitik? Al-Ghazali's Views on Government" Journal of Persian Studies (1988) pp. 81-94. (pdf)

  • Hillenbrand, Carole, "A little-known Mirror for Princes of al-Ghazali" in Festschrift für Gerhard Endress, Leuven, 2004, pp. 591-99. (pdf)

  • Goldziher, Ignaz, Streitschrift des Gazali gegen die Batinijja Sekte (Kitab al-Fada’ih al batiniya wa-fada’il al-mustazhiriya, Ausz.; arabisch), Leiden; Brill, 1916. (pdf)

  • Crone, Patricia, "Did al-Ghazali write a Mirror for Princes? On the Authorship of Nasihat al-Muluk", Jerusalem Studies of Arabic and Islam, 10, 1987, pp. 167-197 (PDF).

  • Sherwani, H. K., “El-Ghazali on the Theory and Practice of Politics”, Islamic Culture, 9, 1935, pp. 450-74. (PDF)

  • Hardy, P., “Unity and Variety in Indo-Islamic and Perso-Islamic Civilization; Some Ethical and Political Ideas of Diya al-Din Barani of Delhi, of al-Ghazali and Nasir al-Din Tusi Compared”, Iran, 16, 1978, pp. 127-45. (pdf)

  • Lambton, Ann K. S. "Al-Juwayni and Al-Ghazali: The Sultanate", State and Government in Medieval Islam: An Introduction to the Study of Islamic Political Theory, The Jurists, Oxford University press, New York. pp. 103-130 (pdf) (year?)

  • Lambton, Ann K. S., “The Theory of Kingship in the Nasihat-ul-Muluk of Ghazali”, The Islamic Quarterly, 1, 1954, pp. 47-55. (pdf)


Looking for the following:

  • Watt, William Montgomery, “Reflections on al-Ghazali’s Political Theory”, Glasgow University Oriental Society Transactions, 21, 1965/66, pp. 12-24. (PDF)

  • Laoust, H., “Gazali politique et juriste”, Mélanges de la Faculté Oriental de l’Université Saint Joseph, Beyrouth, 46, 1970-71, pp. 427-449.

  • La Tourneau, R., “Al-Ghazali et Ibn Toumert se sont-ils recontrés?” Bulletin des études arabe, 1947, 7, pp. 147-8.



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