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  1. Toleration and exclusion: al-Shafi‘i and al-Ghazali on the treatment of apostates By: FRANK GRIFFEL. (PDF) courtesy of the author.

  2. Educational thought of al-Ghazali. By N. Nofal - available in French. (PDF link) from UNESCO.
  3. Awham hawal al-Ghazali (Misconceptions surrounding al-Ghazali) By A. Badawi. (Arabic PDF.)  (File size: 427 kb). 
  4. Studies in Al-Ghazali by H. Lazarus-Yafeh (1975) Jerusalem: The Magnes Press.
  5. An analysis of Faysal al-Tafriqah in Arabic (PDF.) (File size: 2400kb) (Warning: Big file!)  
  6. Imam Ghazali on Leadership Ethics, by Sajjad Chowdhry (link)
  7. MA Dissertation: Al-Ghazali & the Contemporary Age By: P. Greenland. (link) He also has a Ghazali web site with many more documents and links. 
  8. Al-Ghazzali's Natural Philosophy (Book review) (link)
  9. Al-Ghazali & the Robbers: A story for children. (link)
  10. The mind and heart of al-Ghazali. By A. Crow. Published in a New Striat Times I believe (courtesy of the author!)
  11. Typical Anti Ghazali opinions (Arabic link) from a Salafi discussion group.
  13. Nazarat fi fikar Al-Ghazali (Reflections on Al-Ghazali's Thought) By A. Najaar. Arabic (E-text) (PDF) (File size: 9500Kb) (Warning: Big file!)  
  14. Al-Ghazali Theory of Islamic Government. L. Binder Muslim World 45(1955) pp. 229 -41 (PDF). 
  15. Mohamad Al-Ghazali. D. M. Donaldson Muslim World 11(1921) pp. 377 -88 (PDF). 
  16. A Visit to the Grave of Al-Ghazali. D. M. Donaldson Muslim World 8(1918) pp. 137 -40 (PDF). 
  17. Ghazali's Theological thought. Nakamura (PDF). 
  18. The relationship between Averroes and al-Ghazali: As it presents itself in Averroes' Early writings, especially in his commentary on al-Ghazali's al-Mustasfa. By Prof. Frank Griffel, in Medieval Philosophy and the Classical Tradition In Islam, Judaism and Christianity Edited by John Inglis, Curzon Press Richmond, Surrey UK (ISBN: 0-7007-1469-3) Pp 51-63.This paper presents new research based on newly found manuscript (al-Da'ruri fi Isul al-Fiqh) by Averroes. An analysis of which presents quite a different picture then is traditionally thought of (namely Ibn Rushd's hostility towards al-Ghazali)courtesy of the author. (PDF)
  19. "Place of the Religious Commandments in the Philosophy of Al-Ghazali." H. Lazarus-Yafeh Muslim World 51(1961) pp. 173 -84(PDF) 
  20. "Ghazali and demonstrative Science." M. Marmura. Journal of the History of Philosophy 3(1965) pp.184-204. (../articles/marmura.pdf)  (File size: 1062kb). 
  21. Ghazali's attitude to the secular Science and Logic. M. Marmura  (../articles/marmura5.pdf) (File size: 607Kb)  
  22. Ghazali's Argument from Creation (I). IJMES 2(1971):67-85.  L. E. Goodman (PDF) 
  23. Ghazali's Argument from Creation (II). IJMES 2(1971):168-88. L. E. Goodman (PDF) 
  24. "The Logical Role of the Argument from Time in the Tahafut's Proof for the World's Pre-eternity." Muslim World 49(1959) pp. 306 -14. M. Marmura (../articles/mar-log-taf.pdf) 
  25. Text on Two Renewers of Faith al-Ghazali and Razi. (??? ????) A preview of the books   contents and Introduction by Prof. N. Pourjavady. (Persian -PDF)
    • Sample Article 1: On the primordial Covenant: Ahd-e alast (Persian -PDF)  
    • Sample Article 2: The Maraghah manuscript: Athar "Madnun" Ghazzali (Persian -PDF)  
    • Please note that this latest research is published in English Encyclopedia Iranica (EIR). (PDF) It is already online but currently EIR is still editing that article for production.
  26. Al-Ghazali and the Sunna. J. Robson Muslim World () pp. 324 -333. (PDF) 
  27. On al-Ghazali Islam: a Short History, K. Armstrong (2000). (book info
  28. The Scholastic Method in Medieval Education: An Inquiry into Its Origins in Law and Theology. George Makdisi, Speculum, Vol. 49, No. 4. (Oct., 1974), pp. 640-661. (PDF)
  29. Ghazali on the Ethics of Action. George F. Hourani, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 96, No. 1. (Jan. - Mar., 1976), pp. 69-88. (PDF)
  30. The Theologian’s Doubts: Natural Philosophy and the Skeptical Games of Ghazali. Leor Halevi. Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 63 (2002), No. 1:pp 19-40  (PDF).
  31. The Economic Thought of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali and St. Thomas Aquinas: Some Comparative Parallels and Links. S. M. Ghazanfar, History of Political Economy, 32:4 2000. (PDF)
  32. Al-Ghazali and ilm al-Hadith by al-mahdali (Arabic PDF) courtesy of KG
  33. On the Burning of the Ihya' courtesy of KG:
    1. article 1: Ghrab, Sa'd, Hawla ihraq al-murabitin li-ihya al-Ghazali, [On the burning of al-Ghazali's Ihya' by al-Murabits] in Actas del IV Coloquio Hispano-Tunecino (Palmade Mallorca, 1979), Madrid, 1983. pp. 133-63. (Arabic PDF)
    2. Article 2:Badrawi, Muhammad al-Ya'qubi, Ihra'q kitab "al-Ihya" fi al-gharb al-Islami [The burning of "Ihya'" Book in the Islamic West], al-Minhal, vol.1 1977, pp. 312-322. (Arabic PDF)
  34. Al-Ghazali and Islamic West (al-maghrib) courtesy of KG:
    1. Goldziher's introduction to al-Mahdi ibn Tumart's book. (PDF) Algiers, 1903.
    2. M. Asin Palacios article on al-Ghazali and the Sicilian scholar. (PDF) Palermo, 1910.

Stuff that I missed but reminded of (Courtesy of M. Rustom)

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21. Schimmel's Mystical Dimensions of Islam has a very important section on this.

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