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  • Tahafut of Hocazade (a book by an Ottoman scholar (Mustafa b. Khalil Khawaja zadae Barswae) on the issue of philosophers in the tahafut of Ghazali. (Arabic PDF.) This book and the one that follows were written by the request of Mehmet I (fatih) the Ottoman Sultan. This book was completed first and rewarded well. The next book (by Tusi) was awarded (2nd place). See the introduction by Sa`ada, 1983.  
  • Tahafut of Ala'addin al-Tusi. (yet another book by an Ottoman scholar edited by Rida Sa`ada (Beirut: al-Dar al-Alimyah, 1983). Arabic. (pdf) According to Prof. Recep Duran this book is not as some has claimed a judgement between Ibn Rushd and Ghazali but in fact between Ghazali and the philosophers (namely Ibn Sina -and his followers- and to a lesser degree al-Farabi). For additional information see my correspondence with Prof. Duran JIP vol2.
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  More on Ghazali and philosophy see a list by F. Sezgin. The above information was expanded based on bibliographic entries from articles above and mainly Griffel's SEP entry. 



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