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  • Ghazali: The movie (Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness. A Film by Ovidio Salazar ) Image courtesy of the O. Salazar posted with permission. The movie is on sale via the Matmedia website which includes a trailer from the film.
    • Clips from the movie: Clip 1 (youtube) introduction. (2:24).
    • Clip 2 is more interesting and longer (10 mins). The narrator is reading from al-munqhidh interspersed with comments from Hamza Yusef and T. J. Winter. The actual film is longer includes comments from other scholars including S. H. Nasr. 
  • Ghazali's last words (poetry attributed to him translated and presented as a multimedia presentation). link (youtube)
  • A portrait of al-Ghazali in his later years by an Iraqi artist.
  • Mausoleum
  • A stone in his honor in Mashhad, Iran.
  • Video: S. H. Nasr: Great thinkers series: al-Ghazali. (link has been changed since publisher has been sold)
  • TV Transcripts: From Egyptian TV. (E-text)
  • Lecture Transcripts: Ghazzali & Ibn Rushd: Macquarie U. By: R.J. Kilcullen (link) This has been online since the internet began! 
  • Audio: Avicenna & Medieval Muslim Philosophy: Narrated by Lynn Redgrave (link)
  • Pictures of books by al-Ghazali and about him.
  • I created the following: wallpaper (1024X786)



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