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al-’Ilm, al-Maqulat dan al-Hikmah Dalam Pemikiran Ulama Melayu: Suatu
Penelitian Awal


oleh: Mohd Zaidi Abdullah


The historical connection between the Malay World and the Haramayn (Mecca
and Medina) is acknowledged particularly in education. Many students from
this particular area have learned various religious sciences from the
Haramayn and later on spread the similar learning and teaching tradition
in their countries. Among those sciences are that related to the tradition
of al-‘ilm, al-maqűlât and al-hikmah, as well as the development of
al-Hikmah al-Ishrâqiyyah. The role played by al-Ghazzâli in this
particular area is remarkable. The reconciliation between revelation and
reason was presented beautifully to the extent that it is difficult to
differentiate between both of them. This article surveys this important
development and presents the chain of transmission (isnâ d) of this
tradition in order to understand the nature of development of Islamic

sila dapatkan
Jurnal AFKAR bil. 6, 2005,
terbitan Jabatan Akidah Dan Pemikiran Islam APIUM

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