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As reported by the Turkish news media (link, here and here), following an official state visit by the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN (2010) it was agreed that construction would take place on a mausoleum and a small museum in honor of Imam Ghazālī at the site of his tomb at the outskirts of Tus, near modern day city of Mashhad, Iran. A recent vistor (June 2010) to Tus was kind enough to send us pictures of the site where the excavation of the Imam's burial place to reconfirm the discovery. Below are pictures of the tomb in its current state. As excavations are taking place.


Map of the site in relation to other notable sites in Tus. Note that Item 1 is the Haruniyah in central Tus. Where is item #10 is Imam's current memorial.


The recently found tomb and sites of the excavations are pictured below and not listed on the map above.


Outside of the actual tomb.


Doorway into the tomb.


Inside the tomb.


Manuscripts :)

Photos are posted here by the kind permission of the photographer. All photos are copyright by R. Aslan 2010.


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