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  • (sharḥ) of al-Iḥyāʾ exists by Murtaḍa al-Zabīdī's [d.1791] Itḥāf al-sadāh al-muttaqīn bi sharḥ iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn. published by al-maṭbaʿ al-maymanya, near al-Azhar by the scholar and publisher: Aḥmad al-bābī al-Ḥalabī [Cairo]: 1311/1894 in 10 large volumes. According to author this book took 11 years to complete (10:572) on Sunday 5th of Jumada II, 1201 in his home in Cairo.


Also available: al-Mughni ʿan ḥaml al-asfār fī al-asfār fī takhrīj mā fī al-iḥyāʾ min al-akhbār of al-Ḥafiz al-ʿIrāqī (d. 806/1404). This book is usually printed on the margins of the Iḥyāʾ but it is here printed in a book on its own with a complete index (very useful as it solves all of al-ʿIrāqī's cross references):



All the above texts are in pdf format. Download files and save locally, do not change the file names as files are interlinked. Use Adobe Acrobat version 7 or higher.

Nota Bene: on the Itḥāf: The proofs of the printed edition was corrected by by Muhammad al-Zahari al-Ghamraui. (10:573) According to Sidī Farāz Rabbānī he had at once in his posession a copy of a 3 volume detailed index of the above work. Anyone who read this work knows how difficult it is to find anything in it again. Unfortunately the modern printed editions (the now infamous DKI edition) have corrupted the text to render it readable but unreliable and therefore for serious scholarly work you will need this edition. If you are serious about scholarly work learn to read the metal typesetting and tightly set type of these old books you will be rewarded with some of the best editions that are out there. Don't be fooled by the fancy covers and all this green color, gold lettering, faux leather, white paper that is what you are paying for! Good looks and mangled text that was edited by MS word spell check never mind the name on the title page! Settle for reprints of these old editions if available and hang onto them. These were edited by real scholars and the publishers (Ḥalabī and al-Kurdī) were scholars as well who published for other scholars. The rule is if it has a fancy cover, or edges when lined up make the title readable from way across the far end of the room without aid of eyeware, or if on the inside it is printed in more than one ink color e.g. red and black ink then you know that the publisher has spent way too much money on al-Ikhrāj al-fanī than al-taḥaqīq al-ʿilmī, Caveat emptor: buyer beware. Don't even be fooled by the photostats of manuscripts in the introduction of the book. If the footnotes does not have the critical appartus of the serious editor that means the publisher is trying to appeal to pesudo scholar wanna bes out there.

If anyone who has the index of the book or knows where to get one or better yet if you can get the index of the book please let me know.


NOTE: This text is provided for the purposes of studying Imam Ghazali's works. This text is available freely on the internet archives. It is made available here as service to students and scholars given the transient nature of the source websites! 


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