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Imam Ghazali's Magnum Opus

Ihya' 'Ulum al-Din 

(Revival of Religious Sciences) 

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The Revival of the Religions Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din) is widely regarded as the greatest work of Muslim spirituality, and has, for centuries, been the most read work after the Qur’an in the Muslim world.
The Revival of the Religious Sciences
is divided into four parts each containing ten chapters. The first part deals with knowledge and the requirements of faith—ritual purity, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, recitation of the Qur’an, etc.; part two concentrates mostly on people and society—the manners relating to eating, marriage, earning a living, friendship, etc.; parts three and four are dedicated to the inner life of the soul and discuss first the vices that people must overcome in themselves and then the virtues that they must strive to achieve. Below are details of the books contents, translations, mainly in English and a link to the original Arabic here for the first time on the internet.



A Persian Version by the Imam:

Turkish Translation:

Presented in PDF format and are provided by courtesy of Cagdas HANCI.

  1. Book I: Book of knowledge.
  2. Book II: Foundations of Belief. 
  3. Book III: Mysteries of Purity.
  4. Book IV: Mysteries of Worship.
  5. Book V: Mysteries of Zakat (Charity).
  6. Book VI: Mysteries of Fasting.
  7. Book VII: Mysteries of Pilgrimage.
  8. Book VIII: Etiquettes of Qur'anic Recitation.
  9. Book IX: On Invocations and Supplications.
  10. Book X: On the Arrangements of Litanies and Divisions of the Night Vigil.


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